Tuesday, August 14, 2007

last night on the beach...

the last night we were in california, we all headed down for a barbeque on the beach. i got a couple last surfing shots before i left to do some portraits. after i got back, we all roasted marshmellows!

okay, this was just a random shot from the day before, but i thought it was so cute i had to put it up!

matthew LOVES to body surf. the way the tide was made it get really deep really fast. all you could see was his head, and he almost got run over by more than one surfer!

i liked this one because my dad and jess are on the same wave together!

we were hoping to get a fire pit, but they were all full so we improvised :)

blake didn't want any brown on his marshmellow.

california was so much fun! thanks to all of you who met me for photo shoots, and to my family for the fun times!

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